Written by M.E. Nevill


Inspiration comes from a number of places. It starts with our parental guidance, continues with influential friends, education, life experiences and is continuously added to every day of our lives. I am grateful for being raised, for the most part, under the watchful eye of my grandmother, who was a converted Catholic at age 16. Some say converts are the strictest and I believe it. She had my mother convinced that she would never see heaven if my brother and I were raised in anything other than Catholic school where our daily curriculum included catechism class and going to Mass every morning. I never questioned the rules I was living by until the day it was announced at school (I was probably in the 7th grade) that it was no longer a sin to eat meat on Friday.

I’ve had a pretty good life. We’ve never been rich, but had enough to raise our 3 children and be able to retire at age 55. We’ve had a total of 5 dogs during our 50 years of marriage. They were, and continue to be a big part of our family and bring us much joy. Phoebe, our chocolate poodle, helped us cope during the unbearable time 15 years ago when our oldest son was killed. And the foundation of Christian faith that I questioned so long ago that kept me just sane enough to stand up straight and push through it. My writing is, and will always be an act of love for my Lord, my family and my friends. Whether living or gone before me, they will always be my inspiration.