Art Fete (Alex River Fete) 2017

Yes, that’s me in an animal stall in the corral…at Flea Fest at Burton Coliseum in Lake Charles, LA Nov. 2017. Had a very productive day!!!!!

Flea Fest at Burton Coliseum in Lake Charles, LA Nov. 2017

Flea Fest at Burton Coliseum in Lake Charles, LA. Nov. 2017

Had so much fun with Katrina and Nathaniel Saturday 11/11/17. Y’all come and buy a raffle ticket and help these fine kids go on a trip to London. Flea Fest at Burton Coliseum in Lake Charles, LA

GG, Joe, and Alma of GG’s Crafts and Creations. Thanks to my neighbors at The Flea Fest at Burton Coliseum in Lake Charles, LA. for making the day so much fun.

Louisiana Book Festival Oct. 2017 Baton Rouge, LA

La. Book Festival, Oct. 2017, Baton Rouge, LA

La. Book Festival, Oct. 2017, Baton Rouge, La.

La. Book Festival, Baton Rouge, La. 2017

LuvedayFunck; La. Book Fest. Baton Rouge, La; La. Book Festival, Baton Rouge, La Author of “Sparks of Life”

River Road Recipe’s

Deborah Lynne, Inspirational Author;

Melinda Turner, RN CSAP, Author, Educator, Speaker; Author, Model, Spokesperson

Pelican Tales Author Book signing, Lake Charles, LA. Oct. 2017

Elizabeth’s life before Phoebe. From: “Do You Believe In Magic?”

From: “Do You Believe In Magic?”

Nate working his way into Sally’s life. From: “Do You Believe In Magic?”

“He’s one of them,” Lee warns Sally. From “Do You Believe In Magic?”

“What have you done?”
From: “Do You Believe In Magic?”

“Phoebe’s never been tied up in her life!” From: “Do You Believe In Magic?”

Workin’ it in Daytona Beach (Aug. 2017)

The Spirit that protects Annette. From “Do You Believe In Magic?”

Charlie thinks Phoebe helps Molly cheat at Poker. From “Do You Believe In Magic?”

The day Lizzy sees and believes in Phoebe’s magic. From “Do You Believe In Magic?”

The Flagship-From “Do You Believe In Magic?”

Natchitoches Farmers Market 062417

Natchitoches Farmers Market 062417

The Simple Things, www.facebook,com/thesimplethingsstore

Sadie Art Fete (AlexRiverFete) 2017

David Crain of DAC Creative Solutions Art Fete 2017,

Daisy 2016

Sonny, Cassie, Marian (holding Sadie) & Tyler



  1. Wiskers, The idea just came to me all at once. I was getting ready to retire so, like a lot of people approaching that stage of life, I decided to write a book. I have always imaged stories in my head so I said, “this should be easy”. Wrong! Imagining a story is easy, but writing it down in detail is something else,. I made a lot of mistakes, of course, but I learned a lot too. First, the story is too long which made it less attractive when trying to sell it to agents or publishers which is why I self-published. Second, I will never use family members names for my characters. For example, Elizabeth, didn’t like the personality I gave her. Took it totally seriously. My husband (Sonny) replied by saying: “Don’t feel bad, she killed me off in the second chapter. By the way, I thought Elizabeth was one of the coolest characters because she stuck to her belief in Magic.

  2. Phoebe was our beloved pet for 13 years. She passed about 5 years ago and it was hard for me to bring another pet into the house because we were so heart broken over her loss. She loved us equally and gave us much comfort in our times of grief. I wish I had more pics of her but I was mostly taking pics with a 35mm camera back then and it always seemed like such a chore. There will be more pics of Daisy and Sadie because I now use my cell. Practically everyone in our family has a magic dog or two. When a family member was in the nursing home, we used to take Daisy with us. It would take us 15 mins to get from the front door to her room because the resident along the way would want to hold and pet her. Who could resist all those outstretched arms? We adopted Sadie six months ago and have never regretted it. She is 6 years old and probably the most perfect dog we’ve ever owned. I wish our pets could live as long as we do.

  3. Took the kids fishing at Rodemacher. Caught 12. Nothing like fresh catfish on the dinner plate. The girls had fun exploring the campground. Baths for all when we got home though.

  4. Me and Sadie are holding a book signing at the Alexandria Mall, Alexandria, La. next to the food court on March 25th 2017. The Easter Bunny will be arriving on the same day. Y’all come.

  5. I’m really excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sadie and I are going to be on “Good Morning Cenla” Tues 21st to promote the book signing event on Sat. 25th. Sadie has already pre-signed the books we are bringing. Y’all tune in. Yay!

  6. The Good DAY Cenla interview went pretty well, I think. Sadie worked her magic on everyone, even Cruella de Vil.

  7. First Book Signing tomorrow at the Alex Mall. Big storm coming thru overnight. Hope that doesn’t keep folks from coming out to say hello.

  8. Book signing went great. Thanks to all of you who came out to visit with us and who bought books. Have some left over if you want to buy from me directly (to save on shipping). Just email me at Bad weather blew thru quickly overnight and the day turned out to be great. Lots of people stopped by to say hello to Sadie too.

  9. Will be in the Arts Council Fete at the Alexandria River Fete the first weekend in May. Hope to see y’all there.

  10. Had a great day at RiverFete today. Sold a few books and met some awesome people. Gave out lots of business cards. Hopefully the cards will lead those folks to this blog. Would love to hear from y’all.

  11. I’m going to make another storyboard for the next event. But I will have to keep the weather in mind for whatever I come up with. We didn’t take the wind into account and everyone was scrambling to tie things down. Lesson learned.

  12. Would really appreciate y’all buying the print book from Lulu Publishing. Amazon charges a distributor’s fee and Lulu does not. In other words, I will make more money if you by from Lulu. Lulu does an excellent job of packaging and you will receive the book in great condition. Thanks

  13. Good chance the Natchitoches signing will be cancelled due to TS Cindy. Working on something else in Natchitoches though. After all, the main character is from Natchitoches and returns home later in the book.

  14. What an experience I had at the Pelican Tales author signing today. Met authors from Louisiana who are both first-time authors like me as well as experienced ones that were happy to share their journies with me. Thank you, Debbie Taylor Anne Sonnier, Shey O’Shey, Stephanie Fournet, S.M. Schmitz and so many others for your encouragement. See you in June.

  15. Saturday in Baton Rouge was a good day. Was fortunate to be able to join so many other authors on Exhibitor’s Row at the Louisiana Book Festival. Sold a few books, met some new people, made some new friends. Life is good.

  16. Throughout my travels during the last year, other authors have given me many tidbits of advice. One is to encourage those of you that have read my book, to write a review (a good one, of course…lol) on Amazon. Apparently, this moves my book up on their site where more people can see it. I would sincerely appreciate your taking a few moments to do this for me. Thanks y’all.

  17. Congratulations on the success your book is having. There is no one that deserves it more than you. I can’t wait until you finish the next one. Good luck in the future.

  18. The Flea Fest at Burton Coliseum in Lake Charles, LA 11/11/17 was so much more productive than I thought it was going to be.Will definitely be back in April 2018. Was great to visit with friends and make some awesome new ones. Hey to Katrina and Nathaniel; hope y’all raise enough money so your band can make the trip to London. GG, Joe, and Alma from GG’s Crafts and Creations. GG & Joe, you make awesome crafts. Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  19. Would like to wish everyone a very MERRY CHRISTMAS. Hope everyone is able to be with family and friends during this magical time of year…Sending my love to all of you.

  20. Thank you to all the networking friends I have met during my first year as an author. I’m sure all the advice you shared will make my writing and publishing career better. Looking forward to visiting with you again during 2018.

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