Have you ever wondered if you are really in control of your life? Or, could it be that someone or something else is sitting in front of a computer somewhere, pushing buttons sending messages to your brain? What really influences our daily decisions; friends, family, God, the government, a dog?

These are the questions Dr. Anthony Harding asks himself shortly after arriving in San Diego. Convinced that the only way his two daughters could overcome their mother’s death, the stigma of her alcoholism and drug addiction, and to repair his own status as a dead-beat dad, he jumped on a job offer and moved as for away from Chicago’s south side as he could. His expectations never included being attracted to a pint sized independent neighbor from Louisiana whose best friend seemed to be a chocolate miniature poodle that seemed to have a talent for making unusual things happen. He reluctantly becomes acquainted with the sister-in-law of his employer, Dr. Rick Samuels. Sally is a newspaper reporter for the San Diego Daily Post, who is trying to use her skills to expose a secret government operation fronted by a holding company called The Group that secretly makes use of the internet to send signals to its unsuspecting subjects. The signal enhances neurons and creates new pathways that enable them to influence individuals to do what they please. The underground operation, located within a mountain in Escondido, has a mission statement of influencing the world into peace.